Using InfoReport to learn about Windchill objects

PTC includes a useful shell script in the Windchill/bin folder named (Unix) or InfoReport.bat (Windows) that can be used to learn about the internal fields and methods of various Windchill objects.

The script uses introspection to interrogate a Java class and create a text file report containing all sorts of useful information.  In some ways, the report is more useful than JavaDocs but it’s not as nicely formatted since its just a flat text file.  It looks like you can also request the data in XML format which might be easier to follow for some of the more complicated classes.

To use the script:

  1. Open a windchill shell on a server by typing ‘windchill shell’
  2. Type: <package>.<classname> and hit enter
    1. Example: wt.epm.EPMDocument
  3. Check the Windchill/tmp directory for a text file named  <package>.<classname>.out — this file contains all sorts of interesting information about the class that will be useful in using the class in your custom Java code.

Here’s the first few lines of the output file for wt.epm.EPMDocument:

Class                           : wt.introspection.ClassInfo
getDisplayName()                : EPM Document
getDisplayName( "ja_JP" )       : EPM Document
getStandardIcon()               : wt/clients/images/epmdoc.gif
getOpenIcon()                   : wt/clients/images/epmdoc.gif
getClassname()                  : wt.epm.EPMDocument
getBusinessClass()              : class wt.epm.EPMDocument
getConcreteClass()              : class wt.epm.EPMDocument
getSerializableType()           : interface
getExternalizationVersionUID()  : 2481771402836305255
isConcrete()                    : true
isPersistable()                 : true
isRemoveEventParticipant()      : true
getDatastoreElementType()       : DatastoreTable
getParentClassInfo()            : ClassInfo wt.enterprise.RevisionControlled

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