About the author

Brian Geary is an experienced Java Architect at a publicly traded company in West Michigan.  He specializes in developing Java-centric solutions for Windchill/PDMLink, including customization of the Windchill user interface, system administration, and managing the viewables publishing process. Brian’s educational background includes a BS in Industrial Technology and an MS in Information Systems with an emphasis on object-oriented programming and distributed systems.

About this site

This site was developed as a place to keep my thoughts, ideas and example code organized.  I often find myself searching for examples of work that I’ve done before — my hope for this site is be a central and easy to update repository for those examples.  Eventually I won’t need to dig through countless lines of source code just to get that one nugget that I need for a project, I can just go here and search.

The majority of examples that I post here are original lines of code that I wrote while working on various projects.  I may occasionally include snippets of code ‘borrowed’ from others as part of my overall example.  When this happens I’ll do my best to give credit where credit is due, if I can remember the original source.

Hopefully others will find my examples and tutorials useful, and may even want to contribute their own thoughts or examples.  I welcome comments from others as long as they are respectful of myself and others.  Any posts that are disrespectful or profane will be removed without apology.

Thanks for visiting!  If you like what you see, please get the word out by sharing the link via twitter, facebook or one of the other networking sites.  There’s a +Share button at the end of each post that makes it easy!

Brian Geary

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